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Learn how to get better results through more effective, efficient sales leadership.

Scheduled topics include:

  • Realistic and Achievable Goal Setting
  • Holding Team Members Accountable for Activities and Results
  • Sales Coaching Techniques
  • Understanding Sales DNA
  • Sales Process Mapping
  • Pipeline Management Leading to Reliable Sales Projections

Braveheart Sales Performance is proud to be a platinum-level partner of OMG.


What is the Fast Track Forum?

  • A small, tightly-focused peer group composed of CEOs and business owners who manage sales. Space is limited to 6 participants.
  • Six 90-minute gatherings, twice a month, starting in May, 2015. The May deadline has passed, but new sessions start periodically, so please let us know if you are interested in being notified of upcoming sessions.
  • Roundtable discussions combine a structured curriculum and peer experiences to provide you with sales leadership tools that immediately impact sales team performance!
  • Scalable, repeatable solutions to increase the value of your time spent managing sales.
  • Includes individual Sales Manager Evaluations from OMG ($300 value). Assessments identify your skills, strengths and weaknesses to personalize program participation.
  • An excellent introduction to #1 ranked Objective Management Group (OMG) strategies and the Braveheart Sales Performance model for executing practices that create outstanding outcomes.


Led by Braveheart Sales Performance Experts

Karen_Brown_email_sigThe Fast Track Forum is led by Karen Brown, a Sales Growth Specialist with nearly 30 years of business management and sales leadership experience. Karen is focused on cultivating individual talents and skill sets to develop a productive, collaborative environment for success. She helps sales teams maximize their effectiveness with repeatable, predictable processes for consistently over-achieving results.

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Why Braveheart Sales Performance?

We've been recommended by industry leaders here in Columbus, OH and across the country. Here are some examples of what recent clients have said about how Braveheart Sales has helped them achieve their sales management objectives:

"I have been in and around sales a long time and this is absolutely the best program I have experienced."

-Wayne Beck, A-com

"We hired Braveheart Sales Performance, and immediately began having better conversations with our clients. We are not wasting time with prospects who won’t buy and are able to uncover the real reasons why they buy. We are becoming problem solvers for our clients rather than product sellers, and I can see that this will have significant impact on our sales and our bottom line. The sales team is re-energized and their calling activity has improved. I would highly recommend Braveheart Sales for any company desiring a world class sales organization."

- Jack Gainer, MBA Focus